Monday, August 2, 2010

Recycled Skirt

I was so happy with the fit of my high waist pants, Vogue 8604, that I decided to try the skirt version. It is really simple, a front and back, couple of darts, vent and zipper. I liked the way the pattern has a vintage feel to it without being too much. I found an 80's dress at Goodwill for $1 with a great floral print and used it to make this skirt, hence the recycling reference. I actually kind of liked it on its own but it had a few torn seams and was too small on top for me. The bottom of the dress had a full circle skirt, though so plenty of fabric to work with. I separated the circle skirt from the top of the dress and took out the zipper. I cut the pattern pieces by pinning them on an angle to the hem line of the circle skirt, basically cutting bias on the bias so I ended up with straight grain across the front and back. I used all the length I had by turning the pieces on an angle, using the original hem on the bottom edges. I used a shorter zipper I already had. I've saved the zipper from the original dress but haven't used it yet because I'm nervous about trying an invisible zip. That's on my list of things to do. All in all, the total cost of this skirt was the $1 I spent at Goodwill!

This was a great project because it was really easy and quick, great fit and it's part of my pledge to "make things myself" when it comes to clothes. I'm challenging myself to not buy anything mass retail for the next year.
This is unrelated to this project but I'd thought I'd see if anyone who comes across my blog may have some sewing advice for me. My sewing mojo has not been so great lately. I've made three dresses in the past two weeks that were all fails. I seem to be having trouble fitting things, mainly across my back and shoulders. I'm more successful when I sew tops and bottoms separately. When I sew a dress I usually end up with too much fabric that sticks up and gaps at the back of my neck and high shoulder. Just wondering if anyone else has this issue or if there is a resource out there I can check out on fitting. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi LizaJane. I came here via Peter's blog. Thank you for your comment about my comment! Re the dress issue, I think the problem may be that your shoulders are a bit more at a straight angle than most pattern company's (mine are too). To see if this is the case undo the shoulders of one of the dresses you made, taking the sleeves, if any, out first. Put it on inside out and get someone to pin the shoulders at the place where it feels and looks more comfortable. You may find you have to cut the back neck down a bit to make it sit right. You may even have to scoop out the armpits. Play around with it, then transfer whatever worked to you pattern. Hope this helps!