Friday, October 15, 2010

McCalls 5241

Where has the month of October gone?!

Work has been absolutely crazy lately. I've been working really long days. By the time I get home, I'm just too tired to sew even though I really want to. My Lady Grey muslin-- yes, still in muslin form-- has been sitting neglected on my ironing board for two weeks now. I haven't touched it. I'm hoping to get some work done on it this weekend if I can stopped being intimidated by Gertie's tailoring posts.

I decided that I needed to sew something fast and easy to get back in to the swing of things. I browsed around the internet for a while until I came across the zillion reviews of Simplicity 2603 on Pattern Review. I also really admired Tanitisis' version she made about a month ago. So I headed on down to Hobby Lobby to pick up the pattern and... it was out of stock. Instead, McCalls patterns were on a 99 cent sale so I picked up M5241. Looks the same, right?
Hmmm. Notice that I don't have that same nice drape in front everyone else seems to have who made the Simplicity version. I did use a heavy knit so that could explain it. It's okay. I like it and I'll definitely wear it. I've always been a fan of a classic houndstooth and I like how the reverse of my fabric is grey because of the way the houndstooth is woven.

I'm not sure how the Simplicity wrap is constructed but this one was super duper simple. It's basically just two rectangles and then you actually cut a hole in the rectangle to put the sleeve in. I thought that was the strangest thing, cutting that hole in the middle of a pattern piece. The armholes are a little snug, too. I may go back and fix that- or not. I like the way it looks best when it is open, but it's also fun to throw it over a shoulder, hence the label cardi-wrap. All in all, I deem it a success. I'll get lots of wear out of it now that it is finally getting cooler.


  1. Looks good! The simplicity one is constructed a bit different... the back is a very standard knit-bodice-back shape, while the front extends up around the back of the neck forming the big slouchy collar, and down and out into kind of a trapezoid shape at the front. The narrower ends of the front I think help it tie a bit better. That being said, mine's in a fairly heavy knit too and it doesn't do well with most of the drapes and ties, either. :) Soo warm and comfy though!

  2. I like the look very much. It sounds simple enough for me to try.

  3. It looks wonderful, love the material you chose!

  4. That's a great cardi-wrap. That fabric will go with so many outfits. I have seen instructions in a sewing magazine for that same sort of pattern.

  5. Thanks!

    Theresa, you should make one! It's very easy.

  6. Liza Jane you will find that the Simplicity - or any other wrap of this style that isn't a rectangle with the sleeves stuck in- will hang much better just like you suspected. An inbuilt collar and shoulder seams make all the difference. Having said that your one looks good and nice choice of material.