Sunday, March 13, 2011

Me Made Madness

Day eight: A refashioned dress
It was three sizes too big. I took it in at the sides. Not so happy with the length. I think I'll make it much shorter and wear it with leggings next.

This is not the most exciting post in the world, but I thought I should keep up with my me made madness here on the blog.  I really thought at this point that I would run out of options, but I haven't (yet).  I've made three knit tops in the past week.  Seems to be the quick, easy and wearable option.  I made another version of Burda 106 2-2011.  I used the same Michael Miller interlock in a black and white polka dot but this time I didn't pay any attention to the direction of the grain.  I was in a hurry.   Turns out the stretch needs to be in the width, not length.  It fits, though it's not the most comfortable top to wear as there is no give.  Live and learn, right?

Day nine: Burda 106 2-2011
This picture was taken when it was almost completely dark.  It's kind of eerie, isn't it?

 I also made a short sleeve version using an old skirt that shrunk down to doll size in the wash.    It was a long, sweater knit skirt.  It was basically just a tube of fabric with an elastic waist band.  It has an incredible amount of stretch so I omitted the seam allowances.  I had barely enough fabric- another reason for skimping on seam allowances.  There were only a few tiny scraps left.  I'm not super happy with it.  It's a strange fabric for a top- heavy and clingy.  It's amazing how different knits are and how they can affect the outcome of a pattern.  It's good for bumming around the house, which is what I did today.

Day ten: McCalls 5241 Cardi wrap
Not the easiest thing to wear in an art room!  I wore an apron over it most of the day.
Day eleven: Lindsey cape
Elementary, my dear Watson. 

Day twelve: Riding pants
These are becoming a staple.  I may have to make another pair.

Day thirteen: New Burda 106 tee.

I've got a few big things in the works at the moment.  I'm working hard on a furniture project for a friend and I've got a few items that I'm very excited to write about soon.  Wishing everyone a wonderful week!


  1. Oh, you're lucky that shirt fit, I made that mistake once and the result was an absolute wadder. And I can see the cardi-wrap being dangerous... I have a hole in mine snipped when cutting out fabric. And I don't really like how it looks worn wrapped around and tied. /sigh I love that cape!

  2. All your tee's are great, I need to trace off that pattern for myself sometime

  3. Your MMM is traveling along well. Day 12 is my favourite. Those riding pants look great on you. I can see how they'd easily become a staple. You were brave wearing the wrap to school - looks lovely. Your cape is very groovy.

  4. You've made some really cute outfits for MMM! I really love your riding pants!
    Re tracing patterns, I went to comment and then saw that katherine h had said it all. Find the number in the margin, and go in a vertical line up into the maze of lines until you find that same number in the same colour, It will be adjacent to the piece you want. I don't find tracing patterns to be too bad. I bought a roll of cheap very thin plastic table-clothing (from the party section of a big chain fabric and craft store) which I use for tracing patterns, it's tougher that paper, and a very cheap option. I add the seam allowance as I'm cutting out the plastic patterns after tracing, but I've been doing this for so long I can just gauge the correct seam allowance with my eye without measuring now. If you haven't done this much before I would recommend measuring these properly and drawing them on your pattern pieces before cutting them out.
    It does get easier, I promise... have fun!

  5. Love your mmm outfits! I need to get sewing i am running out of options. Hope you have a great week!

  6. Really nice outfits, they all seem to correspond to who you are, which is great! The cape is SO nice!

  7. I really love your cardi wrap and cape! I'm sure wearing that wrap while teaching art did take a lot of effort on your part. ;)

  8. I've made unwearable knit tops out of material that didn't have enough give you say, live 'n'learn. Love the riding pants, they'r e perfect! As for the cardigwrap can you cross it at the front and either tie or pin it at the back to keep it out of harms way?