Thursday, March 31, 2011

Me Made March Musings

Out with a bang!  Wearing a dress for the last day of MMM.

Holy cow, this month went by quick.  Me Made March has come to a close and I am pretty darn proud that I made it through the whole month wearing one me made item each day.  I did have to do quite a few repeats, but still...   I thought for sure that I would lapse a few days.  I'm so pleased that I didn't.

Besides feeling a little narcissistic, how useful is it to see a photo of yourself everyday for a month?  (I see I really need to stand up straight!)  Almost everything I wore during the month is a shirt.  That's funny considering tops are the smallest portion of my pattern collection (mostly dresses, fyi).  That seems to be what I sew and wear handmade most often.  I think it's because I find it so much easier to fit my top half, opposed to my bottom half.  One of my sewing goals for this year is to make pants that fit.  Time to get on that, I believe.  I also discovered many me made things in my closet that are total failures.   I've kept some things around that I really shouldn't.   I've made quite a few skirts, but only have two that fit.

I really enjoyed the whole experience.  The best part- it wasn't that hard.   It's nice to know that I can wear my me made things on a regular basis.  I was comfortable and no one gawked and stared.  Here are the rest of the photos from the month.  Thanks Zoe, for organizing another great me made month!

Day 21: Polka dot Burda tee, 2-2011
(the one where the stretch goes the wrong way ;)

Day 23: This was the altered shirt dress from day 8.
I wasn't completely happy with it as a dress, so I chopped it of and made it a shirt.
Now, I'm not happy with it as a shirt. Hmmm....

I love this.  I'm so glad MMM made me rediscover this dress.

Day 25: Built by Wendy top, Simplicity 2865

Day 26: My salvaged skirt.  
It's made from a cheapo cotton broadcloth.  Better suited for summer time, I think.

Day 27: Fancy Pants

Day 28: Simplicity 2365 tunic again 

Brought this out from the back of the closet.

 Now can I get woot woot for not having to take a picture tomorrow?


  1. Yay! Good job! Now next time you can go all the way... ;)

    Good luck with the pants-fitting quest!

  2. Woot woot! Will be great not to take photos tomorrow.

    I feel narcissistic doing them, too, but it does help me set sewing/personal development goals, so I try to participate. This morning I was getting dressed and carefully considering what I'd worn the past few days, "dressing" for the camera in a way. Then I thought "April Fool."

    I think MMM and others like it are a great time to scrutinize personal style. Yours is really cool.

  3. I have really enjoyed following your MMM all your tops!

  4. I love Day 25 and kudos for you for taking pictures every day. I couldn't hack it. I wore the clothes, but the pictures were another story.

    I'm jealous that you have so many tops. I guess I'll have to step it up a notch, now that I see it can be done!

  5. Haha, but it would be great to see your pic tomorrow! ;)
    You made it work, because you have a set of some really nice, comfy garments to wear. You did a great job!

  6. You did well!
    I agree you start out feeling narcissistic taking your own picture, but really I find the pictures are very helpful in judging myself on how I *actually* look in my clothes, I find this quite helpful in assessing what I should keep in my wardrobe and what should really go...

  7. What a fabulous month. Three big cheers to you. I'm a big fan of your fancy pants.

  8. Wow, Me Made March seemed to go by so quickly! I really enjoyed seeing all of your outfits. Hopeful I'll have enough Me Made garments soon, I'd love to participate in something like this. :)

  9. Hi Liza Jane, I have given you a Stylish Blogger award. There is no obligation, natch! but if you like you can check it out on my blog here

  10. Hey--I just ran across your blog. I was a junior high art school teacher for years (literally) and now I am a stay at home mom with a serious love for my sewing machine so when I read about you I just knew I would like you...and then I checked out your blog and I was right. Your blog is fun and cute and I'll be back to visit.