Saturday, July 2, 2016

Faux Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit!  Who would have thought I would make a jumpsuit?  Not me. I have to admit that I wasn't sold on the trend last summer.  But I've seen so many awesome jumpsuits out there in sewing blog land now that I've been convinced.  However, the bathroom issue was a big hurdle for me.  I think I would be ok with the whole having to undress to use the restroom every once in a while.  But that would definitely stop me from wearing it on a regular basis.  I wanted something wearable for the summer.  Enter the faux jumpsuit!  This jumpsuit is actually two pieces- a top and wide leg pants. 

I've had Simplicity 1112 in my stash for a while.  I liked the wide leg pants as part of a jumpsuit.  They are basically like big pajama pants.  And I like the tie belt.  I think the belt makes it look more jumpsuit like.  I made the pants first.  I planned on making the top from the pattern as well but when I looked at it again, I changed my mind.  Strapless bra.  Nothing will stop me from wearing something faster than having to put on a strapless bra.  I wanted a simple v-neck tank I could tuck in with some bra coverage.  I searched through all my billions of patterns and came up with nada.  I wasn't interested in purchasing anything new so I traced a favorite rtw top for a pattern.  I was really uncertain if it would work but it was simple enough for me to try.  There is a front seam and the neckline and armholes are finished with a knit facing.  Nothing special but I was very pleased with how it works as a jumpsuit.  The original top I traced was a woven top so there are some issues because of that.  

Here is a quick pattern review of the pants.
Pattern Description: Sportswear pattern that includes pull on pants, shorts, high-low skirt all with elastic waist.  Also includes a strappy top.

Pattern Sizing: Sizes 4-20.  I made the pants in a size 16.

Fabric Used:  I think the success of this faux jumpsuit really lies in the fabric.  I used a really fabulous rayon jersey.  I love the blue and black print and the weight was just perfect.  It has great drape but it's not too thin.  Nice stuff.  It was an impulse buy from  I did my best to keep the pattern placement balanced.  Not necessarily matched but just balanced.  I think I did a pretty good job on the pants but I screwed it up on the front seam of my top.  It's not that noticeable, though.

Likes/Dislikes:  The pants are fine.  They are your basic wide leg pants with an elastic waist.  Wide leg pants are pretty forgiving to sew.  They are nice and long, too.  I did add some length when I cut them them out but I didn't need to.  I took it back off when I hemmed them.  But beware of the rise!  See below.

Alterations/Deviations:   I held up the pattern tissue to check the length before I cut out my fabric and  noticed the crazy high rise.  I took a two inch tuck from the rise to shorten them.  And I am long waisted!  I am sure the rise is long because they are wide legs pants and the crotch seam is supposed to sit lower.  But I didn't need all that length.  I do think I could use just a touch more room in the seat, but that may have something to do with shortening the rise. 

Conclusion:  Easy little pants pattern.  I made a shorts version for my faux romper (below) and I've made another shorts version for lounging around that I'm not blogging about.

I'm very happy with the faux jumpsuit. And the best part is that I can also wear the top and pants separately.

After the success of my faux jumpsuit, I decided to make a faux romper (shorts) for our upcoming beach trip.  I made the same Simplicity 1112 pants pattern and v-neck top rub off.  But blergh.  I did not like the look of the v-neck top tucked in to the shorts.  I think it would look better if the shorts were shorter but I'm not going any shorter than this.  This is the shorts hem line per the pattern minus about one inch.  I know it's longer for shorts but it's a length I'm comfortable with.  I do like the look of the two pieces untucked.  It's perfect for going to the beach and the pool.  And honestly, it's great for presentable pajamas, too.  

After I made the faux romper, I had enough fabric left for another top.  So I decided to try the Hey June Patterns Santa Fe top that I've seen so many awesome versions of.  This is just the first of many, I am sure.  I must really like it because I actually bought and put together a pdf pattern.  I hate pdf's with a passion, but I will put one together if it's something I really want to make.

Pattern Description:  The Santa Fe top is a loose, flowy tank or dolman sleeve top.  There are some interesting seam lines on some of the variations that resemble raglan sleeves.  I was drawn to the relaxed shape of the dolman sleeve top and the sleeve cuffs.  There are lots of options with the pattern that makes it worth the price (this comes from someone who pretty much just buys Big 4 patterns on sale).

Pattern Sizing:  XS-2XL.  Lot of sizes, too.  I made a medium.

Fabric Used:  This fabric is pretty fabulous, too.  It's a shibori dyed bamboo jersey.  It's so soft and drape-y.  Perfect for lounge wear.

Likes/Dislikes:  No dislikes on this version.  I made the pattern as is except for the neckband.

Alterations/Deviations:  I did a neckband instead of binding per the instructions.  Mainly because I am terrible at top stitching my binding.  Making a band is much faster and I don't have to stress over wobbly top stitching.

Conclusion:  Nice little tee pattern.  I've already made another dolman tee (with the insets) that I love. I've also made the tank but am not loving the silhouette as much as the tee with sleeves.  I plan on making another, though!