Thursday, May 19, 2011


Artisphere was this past weekend in my little city.     

It takes place downtown in the West End.   There is a beautiful park there, right on the Reedy River. 

There are opportunities for all sorts of artsy experiences all weekend- performing arts, concerts, culinary arts and of course, artist's row.  More than a hundred artists come from all over the country to set up shop and peddle their wares.  J and I headed down on Saturday to check it all out.  The art was reeeaaallly good this year.

Thought you might enjoy this one.  Lisa Norris creates pattern collages inspired by vintage dresses and yes, that is actual pattern tissue in the collage. 

Found object sculpture by John Petrey.

Falls Park has a crazy suspension pedestrian bridge over the river.  You can feel it move if you stand still on it.

Reedy River.
I should have more pictures of the festival, but it was either put down my mojito and take photos or just enjoy the day and take it all in.  I chose the latter.

I did play with the camera at the end-of-the-night concert at the outdoor amphitheater.  Our camera takes awesome night photos.  No tripod with me so I laid it in my lap for these photos.

I love this photo of J.

And I saved the strangest photo for last.  I was trying to get a picture of the moon but my camera needed something to focus on to take the photo.  I stuck my hand in front of the lens just to get it to focus and then moved it as I took the picture.  How crazy is that?  That's our friend B in the middle.  It looks like a giant celestial hand is either going to scoop him up or judo chop him in the head.

Artisphere was mucho fun.  Just another reason I love my town.


On another note,  I changed up the blog layout and colors so I can post bigger photos.  If you are wondering why it looks different.  Is is too gray and boring?  I was going for clean and simple.  One day I'll have a fancy header.


  1. I like the layout. I had the same issues when I was giving my blog a makeover. After months of a fuzzy layout, it was strange to look at a clean & simple layout but you'll get used to it and come to like it. It lets the reader focus on the pictures and all feedback I got was positive.
    Also, on my display it looks pale blue and I really like that color.

  2. what a wonderful festival and great photos! I really like your new blog layout.

  3. I love going to festivals like this, if only they happened more in my part of the country. I agree with the clean and simple layout, it looks nice

  4. Wow, that looks amazing! Also, it's so green... ;)

    New layout is great :)

  5. I love this, such a great exhibition/happening :). I would love to go to see something similar.
    How did you manage to show bigger photos? I wanted to do this too, but my photos are still small...

  6. Katarina, Alexandra and toferet- Thanks! And yes, I think I'm just not used to the change yet. It's growing on me.

    Tanitisis- Yes, green! I forget you live in the land of eternal winter. I won't tell you how hot it's going to be here this weekend.

    janul- Are you using blogger? When I click on my photos in compose mode it gives me the option of size- med, large, xlarge-- I'm using xl on most of these. I'm sure there's some fancy way to do it using code, too, but I don't know how. Also, I take all my photos at a pretty large size. It's always easier to size them down later if I need to.

  7. i love that huge dress painting. i wants it for mine own.

    i'd also like to have your entire day...

    and i think your new layout is very nice! of course this is coming from a white girl. blog palette wise, that is. i think it lets your beautiful pics stand out!

  8. Love the celestial hand photo.

  9. What fun! I love those pattern collages.

  10. Those collage dresses are so awesome! And I love the ghost hand photo, it's like a Magritte painting!