Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy and Homey

This is a totally random post.  J and I had our two year wedding anniversary a couple of days ago and we celebrated by cooking at home, sipping champagne and decorating the tree.  Last year we were bah-humbugs and didn't get a tree.  The year before, we were on our honeymoon.

I have decided that this shall be our new wedding anniversary tradition from now on.   It was so much fun.   It made us both feel all happy and homey.  Could have been the champagne, too.

Anyway, I played around with the camera and took these photos.  I thought I'd share since I'm trying to be more adventurous with camera settings.  I took several photography classes in high school and college but I remember nothing about all the manual settings.  I'm guilty of having a really nice camera and shooting in automatic mode all the time.

These photos are totally unedited and were taken in a dark room with only the tree lights on.   I used the aperture priority mode, adjusting aperture and exposure compensation.  They're a little blurry.  And completely unoriginal.  
But still fun.

Anyone want to share what mode they like to shoot in?  Or any favorite camera settings?
Just curious.

Happy, homey wishes to you!


  1. Great photos! I usually work on apertiure priority as I can control the bluriness on the background as I want it and also manage not to use in built flash (I hate in built flash). When I do need to use flash I always use it remotely (at an angle) and I never use the one on the machine. I bounce it off a wall or ceiling and I will use manual mode then. If you need to use the in built flash I would say put a blocker in front to soften the light.

  2. Suzy, I knew you'd have some good tips. I'm thinking about taking on a weekly self portrait project at the beginning of the year. Seems like it would be a good way to beef up my photography skills.

    Thanks Alexandra!

  3. aww, happy anniversary. i use manual but only because my automatic setting comes out too dark and I always have to adjust the aperture setting.

  4. Liza Jane, I am on such a learning curve with photography that I wouldn't know where to start to advise you. I like your photos and wouldn't call them unoriginal at all!

  5. Sorry, I use my camera like you do yours. Nice camera on auto mode. Happy Aniversary! What a lovely way to celebrate it. I love the last photo with you reflected in the ornament.

  6. I like your last photo the best. :) Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary.

    My favorite setting is macro. I have a crappity crap camera.. oh well!

  7. what I meant was I know very little about night photography for close shiny objects other than to increase the ISO and adjust the white I digging myself in deeper? No offence meant in case there was any

  8. Happy anniversary Liza Jane and J, and many happy returns!
    That last self-portrait in the glass ball is completely awesome... great shot!

    That you so much for your sweet comment on my kids' decorations... and I hope you know that the parents of your students totally appreciate the fruits of your work too!