Monday, January 2, 2012

The Promise of a New Year

Practice cushion. Woot woot!

Ah, the promise of a new year! Or, a new year's promises depending on how you view it. I'm not generally the type of person to make New Year's resolutions. Nor one that keeps them. So I don't think I'll make any.

But there is something about a brand new year that's rejuvenating. It's a blank slate. A fresh start. A chance to begin again.

Or just begin things you said you were going finish last year.

I'm an optimist so I'll view this project as the former.  J and I are tired of looking at the heap of smelly cushions and damaged wood that is sitting in our front room.  We got a bit of cash for Christmas, went straight to the fabric store and bought the first thing that struck our fancy.   And I love it.  I've made one successful cushion, which is not nearly as pucker-y as the practice one above.  We've covered the bottom of the couch once but have already taken it off to add a bit more padding.  We went to a local upholstery supply shop and are now the proud owners of 90 feet of Dacron wrap.  Not sure what we are going to do with the rest of it, but it was cheaper to buy the whole roll rather than have them cut a piece.  Go figure.

J has been working on the frame.   There were quite a few deep gouges and one of the legs was half gone.  He used a wood epoxy to fill the holes and repair the leg.  Then he mixed a stain to match the original finish and put a coat of wax over the whole thing.  We're not sure that the leg will last but it sure does look nice.  J is a Perfectionist.  This is definitely his area of expertise.  It's so fun to work on projects together even if our methods differ.  I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants.  J, not so much.

And yes, our furry project manager has been "helping."  Ten points if you can spot her in the first photo.

Wishing you lots of promise in 2012!


  1. I'm so excited to see the finished couch! I think it will look fabulous.

  2. Exciting! Can't wait to see what fabric you picked. I don't usually make resolutions either, but I made one little one this year about sewing.

  3. Impressive undertaking! When you said "pile of damaged wood" I was like, "What in the world? Is it for the fireplace?" LOL I hope it gives you many years of service to come.

  4. do I see some ear shadows it the first pic or am I seeing things hehe?! very dedicated project manager! I have no resolutions either- maybe to enjoy myself, to be happy and ... hmmm nothing else, that's about it!

  5. My husband and I have done some furniture recovering projects together. It's interesting to see the two worlds meld together (my sewing and his handyman talents). Best of luck on your ... couch. Is it a couch? (:
    Happy New Year!

  6. Joy- Yes, it is a couch! I guess I should have been a little more specific. I'm so excited about seeing it all finished.

    Magda- Ten points to you :) I just realized as I looked back through all my posts about this sofa that she is in almost all the photos. That doesn't bode well for the finished product.

  7. She's in silhouette in the first photo!

    It's definitely a joy to work with one's husband... :) Nice work!

  8. Cool! That looks like an exciting project, and so nice that you can do it together! :-)