Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We, teachers, are counting the days until spring break.
Yes indeed we are.
I catch myself being really short this time of year.  The weather is starting to warm up and everyone is itching for a reprieve.  I try to remain as patient as I possibly can.  But just this morning I caught my blood pressure rising after one of my little friends put that hat back on his head as soon as I turned around even though I just told him to take it off.....

I mean, seriously.  It was just a hat.  What's my deal?

Carolyn just gave me a sunshine award.  I decided I needed a little sunshine in my life.  Instead of answering questions,  I snapped a few photos of my daily work routine on my phone. This is a pictorial answering of questions.  Sort of.  Besides, I don't think I'd ever be able to pick a favorite color.  That would be like a mother having to pick a favorite child.   

Afterwards, as I flipped through my photos, I noticed my blood pressure lowering.  I really do have a fun job.  Look at what I get to work with all day.  Fun stuff.   

There's no shortage of projects at work.  I was starting to feel a little down on myself about my shortage of sewing projects lately.  Never a dull moment at school.

This was a really nice reminder of how lucky I am to be able to make a living from my passion: creating.

  And later in the day, I didn't even raise an eyebrow when another one of my little friends decided to paint his neighbor's face instead of his paper.

Ok, well maybe I did raise an eyebrow.

Or two. 
But you get the idea.

 Thanks, Carolyn!
I needed that.

I'm passing along sunshine to....

Because you all bring a little sunshine to this sewing blogiverse.


On a side note, if you gave me an award in the past couple of months and I didn't post a formal blog response, I apologize.  Thank you so much.  I really, really do appreciate it.


  1. Yay Sunshine Awards!! Thank you Liza Jane!!

    I just have to say... The entire time I was growing up my Mom was an elementary Art teacher (she moved up to the high school after I graduated, which is where she still is) and my older sister is also an art teacher... Your pictures just brought back some wonderful memories. I can still smell those crayons!! And the glue bins... oh man...

    What you do in your classroom is beautiful and wonderful and your "little friends" are very very lucky to have you. They don't know it, but you're making their lives incredibly richer.

    Coming from a family of teachers (seriously... ALL of them) I totally get that this time of year is when everyone starts to run a little ragged. Hang in there! Summer is on its way!!

    1. Ah, yes, the smell of crayons! There's nothing like a box of new, pointy crayons.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry the weather is getting you down, but sunshine is on its way for you guys, and you do indeed get a rainbow of beauty in your everyday life that must bring a smile to the face.... I'd better not mention that we are simply desperate for rain here :) oh, wait I just did... sorry.
    Chin up!

    1. The weather is great right now--- it's just that I want to be outside lounging in the sun instead of working! ;)

  3. this was just the best awards acceptance post EVER.

  4. I so understand you post, as I am also a teacher who is counting down the days to our 2 week Easter Holiday break - 6 more school days to go!!! And then the reward is 2 solid weeks of sewing.....

    1. Oh man, we have 8 more days! I do love those solid chunks of sewing time that spring and winter breaks allow.

  5. Answers in pictures - very creative and cute! I think art was my favorite class all through school! I totally agree about spring break (even though I don't have one this year - oh well...).
    Thanks for the award! :D Funny that we crossed over. Sunshine right back at you! :)

  6. I loved you answering in pictures too, & such bright sunshiney pictures seemed so appropriate :-)

  7. Congratulations on the award lady. I wish I had spring break but I work in a corporate job. Do you think I could ask for one :)

  8. Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing...

    I have to remind myself of the same thing, too.. Usually when I get drawn into a long circular conversation with someone about why I'm wrong about everything... Nod and smile, nod and smile...

    1. In the offline part of my job, I mean. Older ladies are very fond of telling me why I'm wrong about everything. That's what I meant. ;)