Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beauty is in the (Cat) Eye of the Beholder

 So, remember how I said the linen blouse in my last post was a muslin?

Well, this is what I came up with for the final version of Simplicity 2601.  Let's just say it was a lapse in judgment due to the stress of the weeks leading up to spring break.....

Or maybe I really am Tigra.

Yes, I really made this.  I can't believe I followed through and finished it.  Although I only put the buttons on to take photos.  At least it fits well.

Go on over to Did You Make That? to read my ugly amnesty interview.  Karen, you rock!

And Oona, Scruffybadger and Molly- I hope you don't mind me calling out your superpowers.  I was sure you awesome ladies wouldn't mind!

Let this be a lesson to you all: Just because you find a strange and funky fabric does not necessarily mean it needs to be made in to an article of clothing....


  1. That was hilarious, more sewers should embrace their superhero/villain inner spirits!

  2. Uhm, ok, it's not your usual style, but you never know. Maybe someday it will come in handy?

    1. Ha! I was trying to brainstorm places where it would be acceptable to wear this. I came up with a Broadway showing of Cats or a Flintstones convention so far.

  3. Made me laugh as well, and got ne thinking about what outfit I'd make in honour of my cat, in a non super hero way. Sadly it would be a shaggy white fur jacket, with a brown fur collar symbolising all the rats he brings us (eg this morning). ;-)

  4. Haha, I adored your interview!! Utterly fabulous!

  5. Aww! Great interview. At least you have a great-fitting pattern now!

    Hmm, I think I could see this fabric as a pencil skirt---not too short, and paired with lots and lots of severe black. But maybe matching tiger earrings. Other than that, yeah, I think Tigra was pretty much inevitable.

    Thanks for sharing and lightening up the weekend! :)

  6. love you animal print top- looks naturally interesting without being over the top- and I'd like something like that too now!

  7. i sort of think we should all make superhero outfits now. as penance for calling us out, you have to make the cheetah print leggings to go with this.

  8. sweeeet! Did you enter either in the spring top sewalong? Love them both!

  9. Oh my, that fabric is quite *special.* I have sooooo many of these special pieces. *sigh*