Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Stockings

Plain old white Christmas lights are *yawn* bor-ring. I need color. And shiny things. Silver tinsel and mismatched ornaments that all have a story. Things that flash on and off and those vintage colorful tree lights that have the potential to burn your house down. You know, the ones that have a bubbler every so often. That is what I remember as a child. That is what makes me think of Christmas.

I made some stockings this week. J and I technically had our first Christmas as a married couple last year, but we were honeymooning in Puerto Rico at the time (I know, poor us). This is the first year that we are decorating our house and I realized that it is time for us to start collecting ornaments and decorations of our own. These stockings are the first installment. I drew a stocking shape on a piece of paper for a pattern and used it to cut from two different fabrics. One side is green and red, the other side and cuff are a shiny metallic red. I had to add some pom pom trim to finish them off. So much better than store bought stockings, don't you think?
Wishing you all a very shiny, flashy, mismatched and colorful Christmas!

My cat has decided that all Christmas decorations need to be shredded and destroyed.


  1. Looks festive! I realized this year that for the first time I need a garland---we have a great long staircase with railings that are just crying out for one. We had it last year, too, but like you we were away for Christmas (nowhere near as awesome as Puerto Rico, though) so we didn't decorate anything.

  2. I love your Christmas stockings. Your colourful display looks so beautiful and festive!