Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Christmas Post

I had a white Christmas! In all my 28 years I've never had a white Christmas. The news reported that this was the first snow on Christmas day since 1963. I know you Northerners (or Southerners in the other hemisphere) are looking at my photo and laughing. It was about 2 inches. But still, it was pretty.

I'm going to have to reevaluate my Christmas craftiness next year. I had dreams of grandeur of making all sorts of lovely handmade things for everyone (in keeping with my pledge). It didn't quite happen the way I'd anticipated. I knew, being a teacher, that I'd have a full week off of work to sew before Christmas. So, I pretty much procrastinated and did nothing beforehand. Then, when the time came to sew--- there was the plumbing emergency. Yep, plumbing. I can't even explain how not fun it was. There were several times I cried when awful plumbing things kept happening and I could only see dollar signs flashing before my eyes. I spent two full 12 hour days being my Dad's plumbing assistant (thank you, Dad!). Anyway, long story short it ended up turning out okay, but the time was already spent.

I did manage to crank out a few gifts just in the nick of time. I made several flax seed eye pillows. I used some rayon challis I had because I thought it should have a slippery, slinky feeling. I made one for myself, too, and it is fabulous. I popped in the microwave for about 20 seconds and wrapped it around my sore neck- reusable heat pack!

My brother the chef received a lovely pair of onion pants. I made them as pajama pants, but I think he may actually be able to wear them to work.

I used some leftover onion fabric scraps to make my grandmother a reusable shopping bag based on Ikat Bag's Strawberry Bag Tutorial. I didn't have any red polka dot material and couldn't figure out how to make it look like an onion, so I made it in to a turnip.

I'm actually still sewing Christmas gifts as we speak. I gave my other brother and sister-in-law an IOU (so lame!). There were other things I wanted to make, but not enough time. Next year I will start earlier.

In other news, I must have been pretty good this year! I had a seamstress' Christmas. I'm going to shamelessly brag now and tell you what I got. I got several sewing books, The Perfect Fit, Fit for Real People and Pants for Real People. I'm excited about the last one as I think I'm going to follow along with The Cupcake Goddess' Trouser Sew Along, though I'm going to use a different pattern. I also got a subscription to Burda magazine. And, as a proud member of the L(G)IRC I'm happy to report that I received 3 yards of a beautiful red linen from my aunt and uncle. But, my most spectacular gift is this:


A dress form! I haven't named her yet, but I will. I thought about dialing her back in for the photo so you'd think I was really tiny-- too much trouble, though :) She has already come in handy. I printed a Burda pattern today, cut the pieces and held them up to her and I could see where I needed adjustments. Just like that! I've already learned that my torso needs about an inch or so more length (according to the few big 4 patterns I compared my measurement to) and that my neck circumference is much smaller than my usual pattern size (weird, I know). Do you remember the trouble I've had fitting things around my neck, especially at the back? I think the dress form will bring me one step closer to finding a solution. I want to sew a cover for her to cover those gaps, though. Does anyone have this sort of dress form? It's a Dritz. I've read that you can use a Spanx-type tank top or sew your own somehow. I've also heard that its beneficial to dial it down and then pad it up to your measurements. Anyway, I'm totally psyched. Way to go, Mom and Dad.
Wishing you all a happy New Year!


  1. How exciting! Dressform and linen and snow! Glad you had a lovely Christmas. I'm pretending to myself I'll parcel out my Christmas crafting this year so I don't have to do it all in six weeks. Bleh. Burnout.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. You gave lovely gifts and received lovely gifts!

  3. Indeed, way to go Mom and Dad! (Can they adopt me next year? Jk! But really...;) So excited for you and your dress form and looking forward to hear about your adventures. I'm dreaming of one as well, but worry that my torso's so funky that a standard dress form may require work (the padding you mention) - but I think I could be easily persuaded ;)

    You know I just posted about how I don't really use my technique books, but I bet I would use Fitting for Real People (or Fast Fit) a ton. What a wonderful Christmas! I got two Colette patterns from the boy, which feels like a treat :)

  4. A HUGE congratulations on scoring that awesome dressform!!! This will indeed make your life so much easier, almost like an extra pair of hands!