Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've learned something about myself today.  
I am decidedly unable to make a normal face when taking a photo of myself. 


It's much better if I don't look at the camera. 
Usually J takes my finished garment photos but I decided to test out the tripod that J's parents recently gave me (thank you!).  For some reason, I could not make a normal face no matter how many different photos I took.
I snorted out loud while I was sorting through them.  Ah well.  No top model here.  Maybe I'll get better at being natural in front of the camera.  It seems to be easier when there's actually someone taking the photo.  Something about the blinking light and frantic beeping on self timer mode....  I'd feel like I was looking normal and then at the last second I'd freeze or do something odd.  Makes for a good laugh, though!  Note the odd faces throughout this post. 

Moving on to the skirts, now.  I tried the slash-and-spread variation from Cal Patch's Design-It-Yourself Clothes using my basic a-line skirt pattern I drafted last week.   It basically consists of dividing your pattern into equal-ish sections and spreading them apart to create an exaggerated flare.  I have a love/hate relationship with fuller skirts.  I love the way full skirts look as a silhouette, but I don't often like them on myself.  There's something I don't like about having that extra bulk around my lower waist.  I always feel like it makes me appear much larger.   Instead of doing the slash-and-spread from the waist line, I decided to to start the flare right at my hip which eliminated the extra bulk in between my waist and hip.   Originally I was going to treat the top piece as a yoke, meaning there would be an actual seam where the flare started.  But then I thought, why not make it all one piece?

I had to do a bit of finagling to turn the two pieces in to one. There's bit of overlap at the side seam and bit more length (a tiny gap when tracing the two pieces together) at the center front and back.  But it works.  It's the perfect amount of twirly-ness, I do believe.  And slimmer just above the hip.

Skirt number one is made from more quilting cotton.  Hooray for fun prints.

Like my basic a-line skirt, I treated the muslin as an underlining on the final skirt.  Grosgrain ribbon waist facing.

 Look out!  Giant Liza Jane on the right.

For the olive linen version, I drafted a separate curved yoke piece, omitting the darts.  I put in some store bought piping to accent the seam (also because it's impossible for me to sew something one drab color).

And do I actually need that bright orange lace hem facing there?  Nope.  But is it pretty?  Yep.
I've always wanted to use lace hem facing on something.

And, check out my successfully not visible invisible zipper.  My first time putting one in correctly.  I think what put me off the first few times I tried was not pressing the coils forward enough.  Sewing during the daylight hours now means I see things a lot better.  I don't think I saw how flat the coils should have been on the failed attempts.  I also had to press the zipper on a hard surface.  My ironing board is too padded to press it flat enough. 

Skirt number three was just for fun.  I bought a beach cover up of some sort from the thrift store because it was about a yard and a half of hot pink linen for a dollar.  I laid my basic a-line skirt pattern out and used the ruffle from the original garment at the hem. 

The patch pockets are a new style called sorta-symmetrical.  I had pink and white striped buttons in my stash that match perfectly, but they are just attached for looks.
I used one of Lier's pocket tutorials over at Ikat Bag.  She has lots of great pocket tutorials as part of series if you are interested.  I realized after I finished my skirt that one pocket is slightly wider than the other, but I can't be bothered to fix it right now.  Only people who sew will notice.

And this is the point where I gave up the dream of being the next top model ;)



Now, I know that's technically four skirts for the Summer of No Pants Challenge, but I have one more variation in the works.   Happy sewing!



  1. Wow, all of your skirts look really great!

  2. Such adorable skirts! I love all your fabric choices. :]

  3. I love all of them but my favorite might be the oliv one, especially because of the color accents. Sure nobody's going to see the hem from the inside but at least for me it always makes me happy to see a pretty inside finishing/ lining when putting on my clothes and just knowing that it's there. And wearing them feels more special.
    Also I feel the same when taking pics with the self timer. And though the camera has so much time to focus, the photos often come out blurry. I always feel like time goes slower when waiting for the final peep. I'm prepared for the snap but then there's another peep and another peep and then I 'll make a confused face because it doesn't take the pic which is of cause then the moment when it does take the pic.

  4. Katarina- Yes! That's exactly what happens. I think there's one peep too many...

    Also noting here that the phrase "not visible invisible zipper" is a bit redundant.

  5. The zipper? What zipper? I can't see it anywhere.

    Good work. :) Love the orange lace hem facing, I need to get myself back in the habit of that sort of thing.

  6. Nice collection of skirts! I feel the same way about fuller skirts on my own body but have had good luck with a 6-gore, flared number that is reminiscent of your olive linen creation. Well done, pantless!

  7. This is my third attempt to post a comment...something is playing up! Consequently, my comment gets shorter each time.

    Great skirt. Big thumbs up for drafting them yourself. So fulfiliing!

    I always feel ridiculous posing for blog shots which is why I always hide behind my sunglasses.

  8. Great skirts! Especially the olive one - I love the shape. I quite often behead myself on the blog when I can't get my face to behave. I seem to stick my nose in the air to avoid double chins!

  9. You've been busy! All your new skirts are lovely, but that hot pink skirt is COMPLETELY adorable!! I love it!

  10. Love them all, especially the pink skirt.

  11. Very nice job on all of them...love the orange hem facing lace...very Anthropologie!!

  12. love the yellow skirt and the lace inside the gray skirt. i'll have to remember that technique.

  13. Very nice! I especially love the daisy fabric. I'd have a hard time not wearing that one everyday. :)