Sunday, August 28, 2011

Muchos Bebes


I've been busy making more baby robes lately.  Mis amigos are having muchos bebes.  Muchos, muchos bebes.

I've made five more and I'm working on my sixth, currently.   It's a great shower gift.   I love making each and every one of them.

But one robe was sewn up and...... sold.

Yes, sold.  I sold something that I made.  Tee hee!

Now, I have done jobs for friends in the past where I was paid.  But this is different.  Those jobs were simply carrying out the customer's wishes.  I was just manual sewist labor.  Not that I didn't enjoy doing them, but you know.

This little robe is something that I have total creative control over and someone wanted to buy it!
Someone trusted in my design.  Someone had faith in my sewing skills.  Someone has affirmed my self-drafted labor of love.  Can you believe it?!

Ok, so maaaaybe the someone who bought it was my dad (he needed a baby gift for a coworker) but still.
It feels good.

Also, my mom says I'm beautiful so it must be true.


  1. Those robes are great-functional and great fabric.

    Moms are pretty much always right, it's true!

  2. Adorable! I'm sure you would have plenty of customers if you wanted to sell these.

    You were right. He is 4th grade.

  3. So sweet! I think you should give Etsy a go. I'm not really into babies (yet), but they are like the cutest little thing.

  4. That is so gorgeous! And congrats on your sale.

  5. you're so good at this! And you've arranged them so perfectly for the pics!:)

  6. That is so cute, and I am all for family affirmation!

  7. Oh my gosh those baby robes are the cutest things! You are so clever! I'm not surprised these are in hot demand!

  8. Those are super precious. I bet they would sell well for sure.

  9. Big in Japan- Thanks! Moms are pretty much always right-- hehe.

    katherine h- I thought so. That's about the year where things that were once cool are no longer ;)

    Katarina- Thank you! It has crossed my mind before. I'm not sure how organized I'd be, though.

    Valerie- Pricing is a hard thing to decide. I think I'd have to not really keep track of all the labor.

    kbenco- Yay for family affirmation!

    And thanks for the compliments, Suzy, Magda, Carolyn and Melizza!

  10. those are adorable! and the inside fabric looks oh so soft! I'm sure all those little babies are going to love those forever, or at least until they grow out of them but insist on carrying them everywhere as an alternative to a baby blanket because they're just that cuddly. Great job! I love the trim, too!

  11. So cute. Love the colours and design. Sewing for babies is so much fun.

  12. What amazing baby robes! Congrats on the sale, they look fantastic and I'm sure you'd sell loads if you were that way inclined :)