Monday, September 20, 2010

Cats and Curtains Don't Mix

When we first moved in to our house at the beginning of the summer, I had dreams of grandeur about sewing all sorts of home decor items for it. Quilts, pillows, slipcovers for things, curtains for every room... This is all I have to show for it-- unhemmed curtains that have been totally destroyed by my cat. I'm not even sure I'll hem them at this point, they are so full of little tiny holes and tears near the bottom. Apparently my kitty prefers an unobstructed view outside. Sewing curtains is not very difficult, but it's time consuming and your measurements have to be precise. I used this tutorial to help me determine the measurements for the size of my odd front window. The fabric I used was extremely slippery and has horizontal stripes on it that I had to match up at the sides. They look pretty good until you get close enough to see the damage. Oh well.