Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finger Puppets

I had so much fun making these. They were a baby gift for a coworker. I'm taking my Handmade Pledge seriously. No more mass retail shopping for me-- not even for gifts. This is her second baby, so I figured they would be great for big brother to entertain baby brother! I found a tutorial online for making finger puppets, but I just used the pictures as a general guide. I used rectangles of fabric scraps for the body of the puppet, felt for the features, and I made a second set of rectangles from fleece to line the inside of the puppet. They are super soft on the inside. Sometimes you just need to focus on something fun! I have another order for more finger puppets already. I think I'll try an make an anteater next? Or a meerkat? Or maybe a wombat....

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