Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Tipi and--- an Award!

Ok, so it is official that the Internet is a crazy place. I think we all knew that already but I have to write about what happened the other day.

I wrote about the tipi that my husband made on Burdastyle back in December and I also included it on one of my first posts here on my blog. Now normally I would just call someone completely nutty who creates their own tipi and go on with my life, BUT this tipi is the reason I started sewing. It was the catalyst, the impetus for my love of textiles. My husband brought home a sewing machine to make a tipi and I haven't stopped sewing since. It's really impressive when you see it all set up. You understand how a family could live in one comfortably. And I like to think about the historical connotations of it as well, that this was how Great Plains Native Americans lived... pretty cool. I think we both love that we have this tipi now, even if it is for different reasons.

So we also both enjoy it when people comment on the tipi. He likes the fact that it is his creation on my Burdastyle page and it has the most views and comments. And Burda even put it on as a featured project when I posted it. So, imagine our surprise when I discovered another comment on it the other day. Someone wrote that they were late on commenting but nice job and as a tipi maker, they appreciated all the hard work. It was signed..... Linda Holley.

What?! Linda Holley as in the author of this book? It's almost unbelievable. This is one of two books that J used to make the tipi, the other being The Indian Tipi by Reginald and Gladys Laubin. I think both of these books are considered a kind of bible to tipi makers. There are tons of great illustrations and descriptions in both. How crazy is it that Linda Holley commented on the tipi that was made with input from her book? That would be like a seamstress making a DVF wrap dress and having Diane herself comment, "Nice job! I can appreciate it as a wrap dress maker myself." How cool is that?

And in other news, Steph of 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World gave me an award! I'm so flattered because I love reading Steph's blog and all the sewing wisdom she imparts. I'm currently working on a linen blouse where I am taking special pains to make the inside as beautiful as the outside. As I sew, I think, "What would Steph do?..." She always includes such amazing details in her garments.

I'm not going to write ten things about myself, mainly because I'm pretty boring and I've already written about the tipi. I'll say this; I love teaching kids, my husband is a great painter, I have two cats by accident and I want to learn how to play the accordion. But I do want to mention five other blogs I love to read.

Green Apples. One of the reasons I started blogging myself. I was totally inspired by her Kate Jeans. I love seeing all the things Stitchywitch sews and knits. I see she just received this same award from another blogger! Now you have two.

Laurwyn's blog Quirky Pretty Cute. I admired her creations on Burdastyle for a long time and then she started blogging, too. She truly has an individual and fun (and quirky!) sense of style.

Tilly and the Buttons. I feel so hip when I read Tilly's blog. Makes me want to live in London and wear cute vintage dresses all the time. And I love the fact that she notes her soundtrack as she writes.

Valerie's Own Sewing Blog.
I read every word Valerie writes carefully because I know I will learn lots of valuable things from her. Valerie leaves the best comments, too.

Lovely Textiles.
This last blog I just discovered. It's more a blog about textile art but I spent hours looking through all the material that has been posted over the past few years. There aren't regular postings, but the posts are incredible and inspiring. I'm looking to combine my love of art and sewing in the near future.


  1. Aww... thanks so much for the award! Wish I were hip too - I feel like an old grandma most of the time! I read (and love) Green Apples but haven't heard of those other blogs so I'll check them out now, thanks for sharing...

  2. Thank you! Actually, I do not know most of the blogs you mentioned, which is great! Let's be happy and discover!

  3. Niiiice tipi. You're so sweet. :)

  4. The tipi is awesome. I can't even imagine sewing it! And congratulations on your award!